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Comprehensive Medical Care

There are 20 Beds available for admitting all Medical and Surgical cases. Ten of these....

Emergency & Intensive Care Unit

The ICU is equipped with Ventilators, Cardiac Monitors which monitor all vital parameters and....

Operation Theaters & Surgical Care

The Operation Theatre is custom designed keeping in mind the latest guidelines....

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Total healing for everyone

Consultants Timing 

Please refer to the page for more details.

Our OPD timings ensure that you will get a Senior Specialist and a full team of assisting Doctors, Nurses, Counsellors and paramedical staff.

Patient Counselling

We at Ashok One Hospital know that it is not only medicines that heal, a loving human touch and an attentive listening ear. Come, share with us your life, and find total person healing with our Counselling Centre, where you can begin to truly experience the shalom of God

Specialist Doctors Profile

Our team of doctors comprise many different specialties and backgrounds, but they share a common commitment to patient wellbeing, professional integrity, and education. Our doctors are some of the most highly trained, highly skilled physicians in Mumbai. Find out more about our team and why we are the right medical staff for you.

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