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Community Volunteer

About Community Volunteer

As a Community Volunteer, you would subscribe to the philosophy of person-centred holistic health care and concern for oneness. They believe that an individual is more than a body, that is hurt or broken. Each patient is an integrated whole with the physical, emotional intellectual, social and spiritual aspects bound together They, therefore work to promote the wellness of the whole person. Though auxiliaries are found in some of our hospitals, any organised hospital volunteer Programme rarely exists in India.

We believe that you as a Community Volunteer you can contribute your services in the following areas:
Gift shop Coffee shop / snack bar Information desk.
Admitting Sorting and delivering all incoming mail to staff and patients, and forwarding mail to discharged patients.

Helping patients in writing letters.
Recreational therapy.
Occupational therapy.
Book and magazine cart and a patient library.
Delivering surgery schedules.
Clerical and secretarial work.
Visitor control and issuing pass.
Flower and newspaper delivery to patients.
Assisting as hostesses during hospital functions, conferences and workshops.

Conducting hospital tours for visitors, student groups,
etc. etc.
Serving as interpreters for the patient who do not know, English or the regional language.
Conducting free blood pressure screening clinic.
Assisting in public relations programmes by writing human- interest stories, hospital publications, newsletters, etc.
Organizing and assisting in hospital fund-raising program mes and events like entertainment, sale, fair, etc.
Volunteers may work in almost every department

Please fill up the survey form to enable us to serve the community together.

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