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Hospital Rules & Regulations 

We wish you a comfortable stay in the hospital and a speedy recovery. To ensure that you are efficiently served, we have designed this booklet to communicate important facts and rules about our hospital. Understanding them will be beneficial to you.  

Please scroll down to get the full details.

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Welcome to Ashok One Hospital!

Ashok One Hospital has been keeping Mumbai healthy since 2018. We offer our patients quality health care in a family-friendly environment. At Ashok One Hospital,, your health is our number one priority. We invite you to find out more about our Health Care Center, our staff, and the various services that we provide..



  • Therapeutic: Medical and Surgical [including Specialties and Super Specialities as per Scope], Trauma, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physio, Speech and Occupational Therapy 

  • Administrative: Billing, Housekeeping,   

  • Diagnostic Services- X-ray, Sonography, 2D Echo, Pathology, Microbiology, PFT, Allergen Testing etc 

  • Maintenance and Support Team: Engineering, Counselling, Rehab services  

24 x 7 Total person care is provided by our team.  

Food and Beverages:  Patients will be served therapeutic diet as per doctor’s advice in their respective room. Outside food or beverages are not allowed in the hospital premises unless permitted by treating Physician. Food and Beverages will be provided for the attendant/caretaker if informed in advance.    

Food timings [Vegetarian only] 

ITEM                                    TIME*          SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS             

MORNING TEA                  7 AM            WITH BISCUITS 

BREAKFAST                       9 AM            NEW MENU EVERY DAY 

LUNCH                                 1 PM            STERILE PACKED 

EVENING TEA                    4 PM             WITH OR WITHOUT SUGAR 

SOUP                                   6 PM              OPTIONAL 

DINNER                               8 PM            AS PER NUTRITIONIST 


Visiting Hours: - No Visitors will be allowed to the In-Patient Wards/Rooms. Patients have low resistance to fight infection. Visitors can be source of infection to them.


Consultant Meeting Times:  The relatives of the patients admitted at Ashok / Ashok One Hospital can meet the Consultant on Weekdays in Cabin 2 at OPD Section of Ashok One Hospital as per the following [please confirm with the Reception team in advance regarding exact timings]: 

  • Dr. S. P. Mathew – Before his morning OPD  

  • Dr. Neelesh Kamath - Before his evening OPD 

In special cases, relatives can meet Consultants at other times but there could be a waiting period of up to an hour depending on OPD rush.  

Attendant:  Only one attendant (All Single Room and Twin Sharing) is allowed with all categories of patients for the reason given above. Extra Linen will be provided for the attendant on request. 

  • Attendant Pass: One pass will be issued at the time of admission with a refundable deposit of Rs. 1000/-. 


OT/HDU/ICU TRANSFER –Whenever the ward or room patient is shifted to any critical care area or for a surgery / procedure, the attendant must vacate the room.  

However, attendants have the option of retaining the bed (subject to availability) while patient is in intensive / critical care area. One set of bed linen [define what it contains] will be provided complimentary. The retained bed/room will be charged as per prevailing Hospital Tariff. This option of retaining the room is not available for package patients.  


SCHEDULE OF CHARGES – Hospital charges are fixed. For admission, an advance amount is to be deposited as per the prevalent rates for different category of rooms at the time of admission. For planned admission 100% deposit is to be made as per the Estimated Cost of Treatment given. The final bill charges may vary [depending on patient’s condition during hospital stay]. Patients should ensure sufficient advance deposit and timely deposit of bill amount on daily basis after receiving provisional bills [given to all admitted patients periodically* define] to avoid inconvenience at the time of final billing and delays in patient’s discharge. 

Please deposit funds for any investigations / procedures / treatment as per hospital policy, as and when informed by our billing team.  


Membership benefits: These are available for all registered patients. Savings will be available for every transaction billed for Medical, Investigations and Pharmacy. [except cashless TPA admissions] from the time you have taken the membership. Validity is for unlimited number of transactions, for one year.  


Medical Loan facility: Those who would like to avail of Interest Free Loan can contact GMoney who will evaluate the eligibility for the same. (TBD)   


Investigations:    All Investigations within the scope are done in-house. Certain investigations require shifting the patient to another place. Ambulance service will be provided for the same.  


Pharmacy Payment:  Patients should ensure timely payment of Pharmacy bills to avoid inconvenience at the time of final billing and patient’s discharge.  Visit the Pharmacy daily to clear the outstandings for Non-Cashless Patients.  


Settlement of Bills: Settlement of bills must be done on presentation of the bills. Pending payments as per the Bill should be cleared before the time of discharge. Please get a receipt for all payments made. 


Billing and Discharge Process  

  • The billing cycle is from 12 midnight to 12 noon. For example: On the day of discharge if the patient vacates the room after 12-noon full-day room charges shall be levied for that day. In case the patient vacates the room before 12 noon, only half-day room rent shall be levied  

  • Transfer from Lower bed to Higher bed, higher bed charges will be applicable.  Higher bed to lower bed, higher bed charges will be applicable.  

  • For any problem regarding Billing, please contact IPD Billing Counter.  

  • When a consultant advises Discharge of the patient, it takes some time to prepare the final bill and discharge summary. As soon as the final bill is ready, you will be called to the IPD Billing Counter. Please bear with us till then. 

  • Doctor′s visit and Operation charges are levied according to the Room/Bed category in which the patient is admitted. 

  • All payment modes are accepted except cheques.

  • Accounts department working hours are from 9 AM to 6 PM Monday to Saturday

  • The accounts department will recheck all papers and then issue a Final Discharge Bill, which will be given within 3 working days.

  • Refunds will be processed as per Refund SOP. 


Patient’s Belongings: The management will not in any way whatsoever, be responsible for any loss or damage to the patient’s belongings or any other property from either the hospital room, locker or any other part of the hospital, including theft or pilferage. 


Instructions for patient’s attendant relatives: What to bring from Home 

  1. Change of Clothing 

  2. Toiletries 

  3. Indoor footwear/Bathroom slippers 


Items not allowed in Hospital Premises:  Knives, Intoxicants, Tobacco products. 

Following are strictly prohibited in Hospital Premises:   

  • Patients / Relatives using Mobile Phones in ICU 

  • Arguing with Staff or amongst yourselves 

  • Smoking, Chewing, Pan / Pan Masala 

  • Violence:  Violence both verbal or physical against medical, paramedical, other hospital staff and damage to hospital property. These are punishable offences under Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC) Section 323, 325, 352, 425 and 506. 


Air Conditioning: Please ensure that all the windows / doors are closed for effective Air – conditioning. If you do not wish to use the AC, please inform the Nurse.  


Washing of Clothes: Washing of your clothes is strictly prohibited inside the hospital.  


Tip: Common tip box is placed near the IPD Nursing Counter.  Please avoid tipping individual staff members.     


Your response:  For evaluation of Hospital services, you are requested to fill up the Response Form provided to you. Your suggestion will help us to serve you better. 


Change of Room: The Management shall have the right to change the room allotted to the patient at any time, without assigning any reason thereof and without any previous notice, or to shift the patient to any other suitable location.  


Click here for Hospital Layout: 

Facilities for Visitors: Newspaper, Tea and Coffee, and Toilet facilities are all available in the OPD waiting Area.  


Most Important Points related to Tariff to TPA/Companies  

1. MOU Discount is applicable on approved credit amount, i.e. Payor’s share and not on the full cost of treatment.  

2. MOU Discounts are calculated after removing charges for Implant, Drugs, Medical Consumables, Blood bank, Equipment, and outsourced services.  

3. In case the Payor makes short payments, Ashok One hospital has the right to recover the balance money from the Patient.  

4. The latest approval from Payor, before the discharge of patient shall be considered for preparing Payor’s share of the bill. Once the patient has left the hospital, any revised approval shall be considered null and invalid. Payor in such case shall be liable to pay as per the approval received before the discharge.  

5. In case of rejection of cashless service by Payor, The Patient shall be treated as Walk-In patient and his/her bill shall be prepared as per prevailing tariff of the hospital which is applicable for all Walk-In patients.  

6. There shall be no discount on the prices of Govt regulated services and products like Blood Bank products covered under NACO, Drugs & Consumables covered under NPPA/DPCO/NLEM.  

7. The hospital reserves the right to take a deposit and hold it till the Payor makes payment to hospital. In case of short payment received from Payor, balance money shall be deducted from patient deposit and remaining money shall be refunded through NEFT/cheque.  

8. In case of expiry of MoU or agreed Tariff, billing shall automatically be done on prevailing tariff of hospital till MoU is again agreed with Payor. 

9. Professional medical services like Intensivist fee, RMO fee, Nursing charges and Dietician Consultation are not part of room rent and hence shall be separately charged to the patient.  

10. If any services/items are not available in provided SOC (introduced after MOU) shall be charged as per the prevailing tariff of the hospital.  

11. In case you have any concerns about our billing terms and conditions, please inform our account manager within 7 working days of receipt of the tariff documents.  

12. If NPPA imposes maximum margin restriction on Drugs & Consumable, then all discounts shall be revoked (i.e. MOU discount, Drugs discount, etc) from the date of imposing maximum margin.  

17. Tax Instruction If any tax is introduced by the Government regarding GST or any other tax related concern same shall be borne by the patient and our customers.  

18. General Rules No separate package breakup will be provided for any packages, Packages are non-refundable, non-discountable, and non-adjustable. Note - This policy is applicable only for the prevailing Financial Year and the Schedule of charges is liable to change without prior notice 

Hospital Hand Hygiene:  All visitors are to strictly follow hand hygiene and wearing of mask for the safety and well-being of your patients. Management will provide a mask if needed.  


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