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COVID Home Care

Our Medical Team provides 24x7 care to your near and dear ones


Total Person care

We have a Medical and a Support Team to complete the spectrum of care

Testimonials from patients who enrolled for our Home Monitoring packages

It was timely nice help when we were extremely in confused state of mind regarding treatment options. In my family we four were covid positive. Hospitals and covid centers were flooded with covid patients. Sufficient beds were not sch situation you provided the reliable platform My all family members would always be grateful to you . Thanks very much.

It's a v.good package.especially since my children stay abroad, and I stay all alone,I used to feel great relief when I meet the doctors and get their suggestions..they helped me to remain cheerful and always confident that I was getting better day by day.whatever medication they prescribed for me worked v.well and i feel they are the best doctors..

Helped a lot... mainly because u know that there is a doctor who is with you all the time for any specific trouble or physical complaints

We had treatment guidance assistance just a call away. Felt secured

It was quite helpful in this unforeseen situation

It was very helpful as my mom is a diabetic patient and tested positive with covid, so daily monitoring helped us a lot also we were ensured that she was stable and recovering properly

Helped in getting proper treatment to fight corona and moral support to me and my family to fight Corona.

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