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Christmas and New Year wishes

Today, the 25th of December, is the day celebrated as Christmas. The day that God the Creator of the Universe entered the world as a human being, We believe that God came as Jesus Christ, the sinless sacrifice who defeated sin and death. These were the most powerful enemies of mankind.

This is the best gift that God could give to us. To pay the punishment for sin by taking it upon Himself. The punishment for sin is death. He paid for our sins in full, to set you and me free from the guilt and power of sin.

It is said that after Jesus died, the grave could not hold Him, because He was sinless. He took back His own life by defeating death.

We recieve this gift by faith. It is a gift and no one can earn it by doing anything.

Faith is when one believes in the finished work of Yeshu: Jesus Christ by simple child like faith, one is saved and becomes a new creation. One is filled with love, joy, peace and hope.

And that is our wish for each and every one of you.

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