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Bridging Academics and Industry: A Student's Internship Experience with the Support Team

Moving into twelfth grade, I was encouraged to start interning at establishments that would make me more confident about my career path. My subjects included psychology, sociology, art and design. After speaking to Dr. Vinita Mathew and sharing a couple of emails with the Support Team, I was able to finalize the details of the internship. My 10-day internship was set. Even though my college was very hands-on with the application part of my subjects, experience in a real-life setting was also important.

I aimed to experience possible career options to make it more clear to myself where I would be heading in the future. With my internship here at Ashok One Hospital with Shalom Life Care, I learned their main goal and was exposed to the social aspect of a career too, which would be very different from school or college. I was part of the Support Team at the Hospital. Meeting the team, patients and their family allowed me to view different perspectives and learn about their pasts and how it might shape their present or future. Connecting with patients and learning more through the team about how to deal and converse with patients in such a vulnerable time.

Being part of the Support Team included going for rounds - meeting patients and their family, having conversations with them and listening to them, collecting their background information, noting down STE details (Support Team Evaluation) of patients and praying over them.

Here at the hospital, with the help of the Support Team, they not only cover the physical aspect of the patients but also their emotional wellbeing. The Support Team has an admirable community who also pray for patients with their consent. The team also values spirituality, utilizing it to establish deeper connections with patients, aligning with the Total Person Care approach.

This internship, being my first, has given me so much perspective and experience that one can only gain through actually being in a real-life setting. The staff here at the hospital is very close knit, creating a pleasant atmosphere. With guidance from Ms. Sharon from the Support Team, I learnt the workings of a professional establishment, discussed case studies, roleplayed conversations and how they should be carried out. This experience has been very informative and has helped me develop and refine my skills, helping me gain a deeper understanding of this career option, hence, giving me clarity.

Danica Monteiro,

Student of JBCN International School.

Our Support Team is open to interns wanting to gain hands-on experience in providing compassionate, holistic care to patients in a dynamic healthcare environment. Contact @8591001826.


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