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75th Independence Day Healthy greetings

Let us Pledge Freedom from preventable diseases.

Celebrate 75 years of India’s freedom - with Your Health Matters

  • Early detection and treatment of Diabetes and Hypertension

  • Early detection and treatment of Cancer

  • Prevention of Pneumonia in the at-risk population and elderly (65 yrs and older)

  • Exciting packages for long-term Physiotherapy and Counselling

  • Health camps by Dermatologist and Dentist

  • Discounts on Investigations and medicine prescribed by Consultants during the camps

Limited period offers from 15th till 31st August 2022.

Available only at Ashok and Ashok One Hospital, Ashokvan, Dahisar East.

Managed by Shalom Lifecare to provide Total person care with compassion, integrity, excellence and innovation

Please Call or WhatsApp 9324718606

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