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A Tale of Compassion and Connection: Patient Story

Last December, we met a patient who had been bedridden for fifty years due to lower limb paralysis. Her sibling took care of her overall needs but she had managed to live alone with her two pet cats who were very fond of her, and earn a living from Tatting (a unique craftwork), connecting with customers across the world sitting on her bed. Her resilience and spirit touched our hearts in ways we could never have imagined. When we first held her hand while in conversation with her during our Support Team rounds, she was overwhelmed with emotion. She told us that no one had touched her in such a gentle and caring way for as long as she could remember, and it made her feel good. This simple act of holding her hand marked the beginning of a profound connection.

Every day, we visited her, offering companionship and emotional support. Some days, we shared encouraging stories, hoping to uplift her spirit. Other days, she opened up to us, sharing her life story and we helping her reflect on how God had guided her through the years. Despite her suffering, her faith remained unshaken. She once confided in us that she wished God would take her back, as she had endured so much pain for too long. We prayed for God's will to be done and promised to make a visit to her home once she was discharged and recovered. She had said she would show us all her craftwork display when we visit her.

However, a few weeks later, she passed away at home following a heart attack. Perhaps, in her passing, God answered her prayer to be with Him. Despite the sadness of her departure, we found solace in knowing she was no longer in pain.

During our visits, there were moments when she would doze off while we were conversing with her, a consequence of the sleepless nights she often endured. She would apologize to us, saying, "Sorry, you come to see me, but I'm dozing off" and shed a tear. She had shared how she felt abandoned by her friends, we consoled her with our presence. This experience reminded us of the profound impact that human touch and genuine care can have on a person's life, especially those who have been isolated and in pain for so long. It reinforced the importance of compassion, empathy, and the simple act of being present for someone in their time of need. Our dear patient's story is a testament to the power of kindness and the lasting impression it can leave on both the giver and the receiver.

We cherish those little moments of connection and the opportunity to bring comfort and companionship to her during her final days. And grateful for the privilege of having known her and for the lessons she taught us about strength, faith, and the enduring human spirit. Her memory will always hold a special place in our hearts, and her story will continue to inspire us to provide compassionate care to all our patients.

Our Support Team takes in-patient rounds to ask for patient well-being, listen with love and pray with them at times. In a tension-driven atmosphere of illnesses, diagnoses and procedures, we aspire to shine a ray of hope and comfort, offering solace and serenity to our patients.

Connect with our Support Team today if you need emotional and mental support, our team members are also available over calls for anyone who wants to connect.

This article is a tribute to the spirit of endurance and resilience of this patient, written and compiled by Sharon Prasad, Support Team Coordinator and Counselor/Psychotherapist at Ashok and Ashok One hospitals.


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